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Positioning our clients and people to achieve their goals and potential through unparalleled advice, service, and investment in the community is our mission.

Edwards, Largay, Mihaylo & Co., PLC (“ELMCO”) originally was formed in 1996.  Twelve years later, Jeffrey O. Largay was admitted as a principal and in 2001 the name subsequently changed from Edwards, Jones & Co., P.C. to Edwards, Largay & Co., PLC.  Three years following the initial name change, Charles V. Mihaylo was admitted as a principal and the name subsequently changed to ELMCO.  On the first day of 2014, Lisa M. Osselaer, already with 20-plus years of experience at the firm, was admitted as a principal.

Although the firm’s inception was only 34 years ago, many of ELMCO’s clients have been served by the principals in their current and prior capacities for longer.  The firm feels blessed by an excellent reputation in the business community, with the personal reputations of principals and staff, along with an extensive record of quality client service and local community involvement, responsible for the laudatory reviews.


Rendering high-quality services with local-firm attentiveness represents ELMCO’s primary objective.

To achieve this objective, we focus on:
  1. Providing uniformly high-quality services, efficiently performed (We strive for performance unsurpassed by any firm and apply the highest standards to all types of work with which we assist clients.  We submit to quality control peer review every three years to ensure we maintain high-quality standards.  Efficient performance results in charging fees fair for the level of service provided in relation to fees charged for similar work by other CPA firms with similar standards),
  2. Challenging our people by encouraging them to grow and reach their full potential by serving the community so they may better serve our clients,
  3. Facilitating contact, at all levels of the firm, adequate to satisfy clients’ reasonable desires and needs,
  4. Anticipating our clients’ needs, though they may not recognize them, and assisting them in solving their business problems to the best of our abilities,
  5. Expanding our array of services we presently are qualified to perform or can become qualified to perform, and
  6. Delivering a high-quality end product in a timely fashion, as reasonably allowable considering all circumstances.

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